Top Living Room Paint Color Ideas

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Living Room Paint Color – Living room isn’t only an area in your house, where you can serve your guest, friend or family. In fact, the real function of this room is just like its name. This is room where you can feel more alive. This is the room where you can feel more relax and even make good memories with your family, friend and loved one.

It’s important to make living room become the room that can give you all of those pleasures. Therefore, you need to use the best design and method to change your living room into elegant and comfortable living room.

Whenever you want to have an elegant living room, you can choose one ofliving room paint color ideas. Yes, there are so many ideas that can make your living room looks better than before. Here are some ideas you may love:

Dark green color looks beautiful for your living room. It looks soft and comfortable. Whenever you want to have a living room that looks elegant and beautiful, try to paint your living room wall using dark green paint. To make your living room perfect, place wooden furniture.

Dark green color also works well with white floorings. So, don’t be doubt to combine white flooring with dark green wall to create an elegant living room. Place a flower vase in the corner and fill it with beautiful flowers.

How about painting your living room with grey color? It is a good idea. To add exotic look, you can use pattern for painting your living room wall. Look at the picture. The living room looks elegant with grey paint that forms waves on the wall.

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